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Re: The Saga of the Elusive Magnum Opus

Alwyn Price, Tony Tolan has on frequent occasions in the past year or so referred to having submitted documents regarding service in the Suez Canal Zone. He stated quite clearly at one stage that it was a compendium of stories he garnered from other Suez vets, he did not refer to it as a book, but merely a set of documents that after being examined by IWM staff, certified for authenticity would be placed in the Archives. It is my recollection that he posted that they were now archived and could be accessed through the IWM. In his most recent posting he refers to his book.

Generally when a book has been researched edited, and published it becomes available for sale, I have gone to IWM, given Tony's name, and possible titles and get a response of no record, I have also googled Tony's name and possible book with no result either. I apologise sincerely if you take exception to my request, but most authors would be very gratified to have requests to purchase his book.

There is justification for some confusion on my part, as happens with Tony he engenders this problem, in a response some time ago, to one of his admirers who commented that he should write a book about his service, Tony responded by saying he had, but that to get one published was an expensive proposition, he went on to say that he had made contact with a publisher in the USA, and again mentioned expensive. He has quite forthrightly stated in hs recent posts that he has a published book, if so, he should be gratified in the interest, providing the information requested would conclude the matter. If however there is no book, then a simple acknowledgement of that would curtail any actions on my part to try and obtain a copy. I would accept this fully with no recrimination.

The information I have referred to is in the forum archives, it takes a little going back, but simply by clicking on the respondents name his history of posting is available,no better evidence than ones own words on paper, or the internet.

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