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It's an outdated sport

As much as I enjoy confrontational posts,they really stir the forum, some of the current offerings resemble an excercise in Bear baiting.
Bob Sharp,I have no problem with the questions you ask of Tony Tolan, he should answer.
Bill Badger, your e-mail anonimity entitles you to nothing.

William if this upsets you I am easily contacted via Skype or facebook.

Re: It's an outdated sport

Two weeks ago, under the heading "Why the Hell.." you raised the subject of my anonymity. My response was then, and remains, as below:

"..... a result of receiving several abusive messages, all with false sender addresses but it was not difficult to work out a possible origin .... this was not the first occasion on which this this nuisance occurred, to avoid any further annoyance I changed my address and like other contributors, I no longer provide an email address on the Forum."

In this current thread you are very selective in your condemnation of my status. Look around - I am NOT the only contributor to withhold an email address.

As my presence on these pages clearly offends you, may I suggest you contact the Moderator/Web Master and request, with my approval, that he remove ALL my past and current contributions from the Forum.

Then, I will not trouble you again. My attempt in recent months to revive a flagging Forum by submitting numerous contributions - news items, humour and nostalgia - all Suez-related, plainly was ill-advised.


Re: It's an outdated sport

Hi Bill,

Well said, I always say, if you don't like what you read, don't read it.

Cheers Rod

Re: It's an outdated sport

Bill Badger.

You correctly state that in a previous post I commented on your anonymous status in reference to the use of e-mail. You replied, giving a perfectly reasonable explanation for withholding it, I accept that reason without any reservation,.
In the present thread, I alluded to it for another reason, you once stated in a reply,

"I would have preferred to raise this issue, confidentially, in private rather than in a Public Forum, however, as you prefer not to share an e-mail address you leave me no option but to use the only alternative route, i.e., this Forum"

Have you ever considered that Mr Tolan may also have preferred to answer your concerns confidentially, but no longer has the option to do so. Given the short time I've been using this particular Forum. Mr Tolan has never advanced a clear rebuttal to claims that he embellishes his account of those far off days. I see no prospects of it happening in answer to your recent remarks regarding a book publication.As for saying you have no entitlement, I accept, I may have written that in a less confrontational manner.

In reply to the charge of being selective, Guilty,I select those threads which interest me and offer no thoughts about those in which I have no interest.However your next offering to the conversation did disturb me. I take pains to point out that never, at any time, have I suggested that your participation in the Forum offends me, rather the opposite applies,as you well know, I recently applauded your efforts to inject life into what has become a rather jaded facility for discourse.

Finally in answer to Rods post. I understand what you mean Rod but I'm having a struggle with the concept of deciding I don't like something I've read if I don't read it first.

Re: It's an outdated sport

My word, you have a far superior memory than yours truly (or an excellent filing system - Congrats!) to enable you to quote accurately one of my earlier statements, as below:

"I would have preferred to raise this issue, confidentially, in private rather than in a Public Forum, however, as you prefer not to share an e-mail address you leave me no option but to use the only alternative route, i.e., this Forum"

I can't recall when, or in what context, I made that statement but I am sure you will agree that it is not current and pre-dates the onset of a spate of offensive anonymous emails that caused me to remove my address from future posts, as I explained quite recently.

Since beginning this post I have learned that it is your intention to withdraw from the Forum - That is sad. However, if you are still there at present may I say that if I am responsible in anyway for you reaching this decision, then I apologise unreservedly.

As the new US President Trumper is wont to say: "Why cain't we all jes' get along..?"

'Insha-allah! (if my memory serves me well..)

Bill (BB5)