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Re: A gut feeling

Hi Charles-Lads.
thank goodness for that. I probably have been slow in answering the postings, but when they become a witch hunt it is time to carry on elsewhere. Some quote the catholic herald and Sunday mirrors reports, I am RC and take the herald but even their reporter on his statement re the Nuns in the convent cellars were flawed. I tend to keep away from newspaper accounts on Suez, as they sometimes add a little of their own imagination when reporting, I researched over a log period from Suez veterans who sent me so much information on their various experiences, and general Lord Guthrie also helped me a lot especially with the fight for the medal, and other officers who were there at the time. I mention no names in my book as to mention a few would not be right to the many, and of course the relatives who had no idea of some of the atrocities committed to their loved ones would be absolutely horrified to read the method of their deaths..

A lot of Suez vets sent me material without mentioning their names for some reason or other, but they will recognise the incidents right away. and nearly a year after I started it was completed. I did it for the only reason that veterans and the public would be learning the truth about Suez and the part they played in it. it was suppressed for many years but the truth will always out. I am going to try get it published and I have transferred the manuscript including the roll of Honour onto a disc, to make it easier and cheaper to post. Here's hoping I am successful with replies. Take care lads and keep posting and put some of your opinions for the vets to read

God Bless

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