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Re: A gut feeling

Tony, again you refer to "my book", as you did on 31, January, based on that writing I posed a simple question as to where I could obtain the book, or what to give the IWM to get the manuscript you provided and was accepted, you advising that it was now in the archives and could be located there.

I read your original post again, you use terms of my book, edited, researched,printed. These terms raise in me the picture of a book, not a DVD, not a file of sheets of paper, but a book like one would find in a book shop or a library. I have to suspect now that there is not, never has been and probably never will be a book. So be it.

I guess I am open with these comments to accusations of a witch hunt, causing you to be humiliated, and whatever else, again so be it.

I can see no great loss in my life of Pete Bradley, who I am not sure exists in fact, writing very similar to another poster on here, Ray M and I are not what one would class as comrades, but I sincerely regret the loss of Charles Lewis, and probably the total demise of the forum, but what the hell, it was dying anyway.

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