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Re: My suez experience again.

Hi Robert/ Lads,

In the Canal Zone it depended where you where, in my tented camp there were no barbers, NAAFI (Regimental Canteen) washing collected my ROAC for weekly washing, no Egyptian personnel except for swill bin collectors who came in under armed guard, cinema was a hessian surround with bench's for seats, we did go into town in pairs armed, so I consider you lucky, I did spend some time Tel I kebir where things were entirely different, but only had a fortnight, we to had work to do assisting to built a road over The Flea, but also had our parades where there was plenty of spit and polish, double when it came to Coronation Parade and GOC's 24 hour guard, where I learnt how to present with a Sten Gun, all our cooking was by Regimental cooks uder ACC Sergeant, I also visited the RAF Fayid where my friend was stationed a stayed for dinner, he was surprised when I went for KFS plates a mug, said no need, and there was three choices of meals at a table with a tablecloth on, I invited him to our camp for a meal, but when I said two choices of meals, take it or leave it and bring your own utensils, he politely declined, althoughI I can't understand why, so as I said it depended where you were, my daughter in laws father was in the Welsh Guards at El Ballah and he told the same story as you.

Cheers Rod Sapper

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