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Re: My suez experience again.

Rod, I agree totally with your points, there is no doubt location and function were factors in our experience. As usual I have to prattle on about the Guards, but they were a wee bit different. In the days we are discussing all our officers were from the aristocracy or ultra wealthty. Titles such as Earl, Duke etc. were not unusual. Officers batmen were known as officers servants, the gulf between the men and the officers was wide. Because of the background though the officers used to having "servants" also realised the value of maintaining a feeling of contentment in the men, food, conditions, recreation were all kept at a good standard for the sake of morale. They also respected the training and loyalty of the men who they knew would give everything including their lives if the need arose.

On one occasion we arrived at TEK to take over guard duties there, we were relieving an English County Regiment detachment, our officer as was protocol checked the inventory, ammunition etc. and the tents we would occupy when taking over. There were deficiencies in the inventory, and the tents were deemed in bad order, he refused to take over until these things were corrected. We actually felt bad for the other soldiers as the swept out tents and washed some items, but that is just how it was.

Like everything in life there are some who suffered more than others, that was not the case for me.

Re: My suez experience again. - by Rod Amey - Feb 18, 2017 8:38am
Re: My suez experience again. - by John Grant - Feb 18, 2017 5:18pm
Re: My suez experience again. - by John Grant - Feb 20, 2017 8:37pm
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