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Re: A gut feeling

I am just reading over some of the posts again, I am having some difficulty because of my strange sense of humour, but reading one snippet, absolutely the irony of which completely feeds my humour is the statement, "the truth will always out".

Re: A gut feeling

But where?

As I read Charles Lewis, he was saying that Tony could put all this to bed with a straight answer, i.e. the IWM reference. Instead he chooses to tap-dance around, which merely adds to the suspicion.

John G.

Re: A gut feeling

Good Morning Bob and John!

I must have overlooked the 'snippet' you mentiond Bob. Can you point me to it please..?


Re: A gut feeling

It is not anything momentous BB just my warped sense of humor, and belief in irony. It was five words out of a fairly lengthy post on 16 February . I don't weant to be charged with bear baiting, criminal offence here.