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Re: some things never change

Perhaps a similar grasp of current affairs was displayed in a London Evening News cutting my Mum sent me in 1954. The contributor wrote as "Boulevardier" or similar:

Two old biddies were chatting on the top deck of a Paddington bus. One says "I 'ere they bin avin trouble in the Suiz agin" - her pal answers "Yus, it's all them insurgents they keeps puttin' dahn the drains."

Mum was a Paddington gal. I can speak Paddington, but I can't write it!

May Thoth guide your writing.


Re: some things never change

In that post I used the word "Boulevardier" - it was a very popular piece in the 1950s. Here is a version of it conducted by Sir Vivian Dunn, a man whose name will instantly be recognised by every Royal Marine here present: - -