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Dead Letter Box

Hi, To use an old phrase "Is there anyone out there?"
Many years ago I wondered if I as the only person in the Canal Zone or if it was all a dream. Never heard anything about it or met anyone who had been there. Then in 1974, when I was in hospital, a bloke was put in the next bed to me. Chatting away , as one does, I found out that he was ex REME and had served at TEK. Like me, he had been wondering if he had dreamt it or if he had been there on his own. At last, someone who knew what I was talking about.
Then I found the site when the medal campaign was in full swing and there were postings galore.
Now it would seem it has come to an end. RIP SVA. Taffy.

Re: Dead Letter Box

Hi Gwynn I could not leave you on your own mate so I slipped in to see how you was getting on.
You are wright Gwynn it was a very busy time 20 years ago, there was no time to sit in your arm chair watching movies, but its like everything else Gwynn we slow up but when we were in Egypt we had no time to slow up.
Are you anywhere near the floods Gwynn our john is living in Bunderberg but he has not contacted us so he must be ok.
John Dodd

Re: Dead Letter Box

Hi Taffy/John,

I also spent a few years in the Canal Zone with visits to TEK, Moascar and Fanara with sight seeing trips to locations near the Red Sea and the Sinia desert across the Canal,
a of fortnightly duration, not many items of interest, but we got to play in the sand, but it did not put me off going to the seaside when I got home, but now I have no living friends, outlasted them, but I do have e mail ones, i was not involved with medal, got my GSM in Malaya, but I do thank them for the Canal Zone Bar above it.

It is sad to see the Forum so quiet, but age does make the mind blind to a lot of things and things to post is on of them.

Cheers Rod