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Re: Memories

Rod, the ladies in the MMG missions were all volunteers. Just think -- they actually volunteered to spend years in the Suez Canal Zone looking after us, instead of spending their lives with their families.
There were other people who volunteered - there was the entertainers who turned up and put on shows - up and down The Zone. I was lucky enough to see Ivy Benson and her band, Ronnie Ronalde, Joyce Grenfell and I think Les Dawson.

You mentioned another, the Church of Scotland -- they were called "The Jocks" in the Suez Garrison. The Salvation Army was everywhere and I think we just assumed they should have been there.
How many of us would have volunteered to spend a couple of years in The Zone? Not me - I had a calendar hanging on one of the posts in our tent and everybody circled their Demob Day.
I can still remember the gate being raised for that last time to let the 3 tonner leave for the airport, with its cargo of six happy bods sitting on their kit bags. I can still see the Hermes on the Tarmac waiting to fly us into London (I can even remember the name of the airline -- Airworks).
Miss Smith and Miss Farrell were still back in the Suez Garrison serving tea and sandwiches to our replacements.

Not the best years of my life, but they will always be with me . . . never to be forgotten.

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