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Re: Tony Tolan

Tony has recently put a short update message on the 'Overseas' page of the SVA Website.
All best wishes to everyone.
Richard (Dick) W

Re: Tony Tolan

Tony is a very special person and I'm sure we all wish him well and look forward to the day he is among us again.
Keep up the good fight Tony -- we will pray for you.


Re: Tony Tolan

All I can say is a big thank you for all you have done for us in the past and for you to get back on your feet soon.
It was our monthly meeting a week ago and when members were informed many were really upset by the news. All of them will pray and hope for a speedy recovery. I was instructed to wish you well on their behalf and I do so as well as for me personally.
Gwynn, and all the British Veterans Newcastle and Hunter.

Re: Tony Tolan

Update 18th June 2017

In the last two weeks I sent three e-mails and posted one letter to Tony. Regretfully no reply was received from any of them so made a phone call to his number to ask for the latest information about his health. The call was answered by his wife, Angie, and she said that Tony had been sent home from the hospital, and although resting at home he is still very ill. Not wanting to put more pressure on Angie we just thanked her, asked her to tell Tony that we had rung and to pass on to him our best wishes.

Unfortunately it seems he is unable to send out e-mails and I am wondering if he can continue to be the Overseas Rep for the SVA, he has been doing such a grand job and made many friends. I am almost sure that any e-mails or cards sent to him will be read or seen by him, I know his family are doing their best to keep him comfortable.

I wouldn't be surprised if one of his family looks at this Forum page and the Website's Overseas page to tell Tony what is happening, so we send to him our very best wishes and hope you do as well.

Richard and Liz Woolley.
SVA Website and Membership.

Re: Tony Tolan

Richard thank you for the update on Tony. Like many of us, I have been checking daily - always hoping for the best.
I will continue to do so and pray that he beats the odds and once again we see the email which begins, "Hello Lads and Lassies".

Thanks again,


Re: Tony Tolan

Amen to that.