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'Sing Something Simple'

Let's begin, to the tune of "Abide with me".

All together now!

"There's a street in Cairo,
Full of Sin and Shame,
Rue Ali Baba,
Is its evil name.
French and Greek Bints
All Around I see
Crying out you stupid **********
Abide with me"

One of our correspondents mentioned seeing a special train carrying King Farouk and Queen Farida into exile. Some confusion, here..? Queen Narriman surely..? And to answer David: Yes, they left Egypt and sailed into exile aboard the royal yacht. Maaleesh..
(Farouk divorced Farida in 1948 because she gave him three beautiful daughters, and as with Henry VIII before him, Farouk desperately needed a son. Remember our favourite ribald ditty - "Queen Farida's Gone away"?)

"King Farouk, King Farouk,
Hang your bo****** on a hook,
Stan aswire, pull your wire, King Farouk.

Queen Farida's gone away,
Cos she's in the family way
Stan aswire, pull your wire, King Farouk.
(Or words to that effect...)
I DID warn you!

Mustafa Aleek
(Aka BB5)

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