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Going and coming

I was just talking to a neighbour who in August is going on a tour, and a cruise in the Mediterranean. They won't be going as far as we did, but when I think of what they will be paying and my first tour anywhere what a deal I got.

We left Pirbright by train I think to Victoria Station, we then took a regular train to Stanstead airport. Being marched through tube stations and railway stations was an experience in itself.

We boarded a Hermes a really comfortable aircraft, and took off. The captain at one point told us to look down and the lights we could see were Paris, later he pointed out snow capped peaks which were the Alps. We landed in Malta, trucked to a location where we had breakfast, dark at that time but was able to see some of the countryside. Back aboard the flight and off to Fayid.

Have bored enough with service tales so right to trip home. After having an all expenses paid trip to Cairo and the Pyramids, in December 1954, train to Port Said, and boarded the Georgic for trip home. Not the best accommodation, had a four man cabin in the lowest part of the ship, real close to the shaft which throbbed and vibrated all the time. Lots of open water saw Gibraltar, and travelled down with the coast of Spain visible, and the mountains in Spain in the distance. We done some P.T. and basic drill just to keep us active, but most of the time was spent just like rich people cruising. End came when we pulled into Liverpool docks, got off ship to music from the Scots Guards band who attended to play us off the ship and welcome us home. Also there to welcome us were numerous ladies of the street, but they were thwarted by the decision to have two trains one north, and one south, when they arrived at their destination you could then arrange your trip home.

I know this meat has been chewed many times in the past, it was just the bell ringing that our neighbours were paying a healthy sum for what I got paid, minimally, to do.

Re: Going and coming - by Jim Watson - Jul 15, 2017 2:05am
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