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Geoff Wood

My father’s cousin served in the Suez Canal zone whilst on National Service, after he was called up in 1955. He had a friend by the name of Geoff Wood, from Hunton in Kent, who served about three years in Egypt as a regular serviceman rather than on National Service, but was attacked and killed by locals before 1955. His grave was in Cairo. However, I can find no mention of him on any casualty list. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? Can anyone help with more information?

Many thanks

Richard Collins

Re: Geoff Wood

Hello Richard:

Unfortunately, personally I am not able to provide the information you are seeking, however, there are, or were, other followers of this Forum more knowledgeable than I on this subject.

Can you provide any more information that may help to trace your father's friend. For instance, his full name; his unit - Army or RAF; date of service in Egypt. You mention Cairo, that could be a problem, bearing in mind that the British withdrew from Cairo to the Canal Zone, c1947.

Fingers crossed...


Re: Geoff Wood

Richard, your best bet is to check the extensive "Roll of Honour" on this site. But without Geoff's regiment name, or his service unit (RAF etc.) it will be a bit ponderous.
I did find a K.A.Wood -- The Queen's Bays (Royal Dragoon Guards) buried in Fayid, 20 June, 1955.
So it can be done but a lot easier if you go armed with some military information.