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Re: Tony Tolan

Tony Tolan. At Rest 7th July 2017.

I received the notice of Tony’s death in an e-mail today, (3rd August) from one of his children, unfortunately no information about his funeral was included in the message.

Tony served in the RAF and during his time in the Canal Zone, 1951-54, was with the 5355 Airfield Construction Wing and worked out of the RAF stations Kasfareet, Fayid, El Hamra, Abyad and Kabrit. He joined the SVA in August 2002 and I met him some time later when we both were interviewed by a reporter at the Derby Telegraph regarding the campaign for the Canal Zone Medal. We remained friends since then and until about twelve months ago he was a regular member at the Derby and District Branch of the SVA. When unable to attend meetings he very often sent either a raffle prize or a donation.

Tony became the Overseas Representative for the Association and did a lot of work on their behalf, sometimes doing over and above the normal requirements of a Rep, a lot of it out of his own pocket as he didn’t like claiming expenses, he was a very generous person. To repeat the remarks many will say, you will be missed.

Thank You Tony, you were a good friend. Rest in Peace in your final posting.
Richard Woolley.

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