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Re: Tony Tolan

Tony T. He was a friend to us all, keeping us in touch and providing support and help in so many ways.
Farewell Old Soldier. Our thoughts and prayers are with his "Support Crew" Angie and all his family.
Jo and John Burn

Re: Tony Tolan

My condolences to his family, will miss his postings and crossing swords at times and meeting him twice at Alrewas, Farewell and God Bless Tony.

Rod Amey

Re: Tony Tolan

My apologies for only finding this website, and the sad news of Tony's death, over two months after his passing. Tony was a stalwart during the campaign for the Suez Medal and his efforts went on long after the medal was awarded. May he rest in peace. He will certainly be missed.

I have been looking for the Britain's Small Wars website's "The Forgotten Story", or something similar (I forget now what it was called) and had rather imagined that it no longer existed, so I find myself here and am not sure if it is indeed the same site it used to be? I came across it, circuitously, when trying to find out something more about "The Last Post" - the new TV series - having served in Aden at the British High Commission in 1967 it is obviously of interest to me. I expect you guys are watching it, even if you did not serve in Aden? Peter Moffat, the writer, was an Army brat (like me)!

This is just a casual pop-in by me, so I'll take the opportunity to say 'hi' and also 'bye' to you veterans. Keep up the good work Richard - clearly you are still going strong. Anne