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Re: Need to know

I think my dog tags were metal on a string. I had forgotten that the information included religion ( CoS in my case).
The reason we were provided two tags was a bit macabre: In the event of a fatality, one tag stayed with the body and the other was removed for the records.
Equally macabre, was being issued with a Burial blanket at Induction and you carried in your kit for the duration.
In our camp in Suez we had fortnightly kit inspection and we were allowed/required to air our burial blanket on the tent guy ropes. At all other times it was folded in the bottom of our kit bag (hopefully never to be used). Glad to say I handed mine back personally on Demob Day.

I enjoy these moments on the Forum when I'm reminded of small but important parts of that other life which has never completely disappeared. I am convinced that no matter how long or short your service was it is an important part of our deep-rooted identity.
I have just joined the Canadian Legion (initiation next week) and when I was in the Legion Hall the sounds and feeling was faintly familiar.
(Joining the Legion is what triggered my need for the Paybook information).


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