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Re: Need to know

Jim asks:

'We were all issued with a " Housewife".
Can you remember what it was?'

Sure can!

Your Housewife, often referred to as a 'hussif', was a pouch (about the same size as the field dressing) made of white cloth with ties. It contained all required to make repairs to your clothing when necessary. Inside was a thimble, grey darning wool (for socks), cotton thread, needles, spare buttons, etc.,.

Regarding the 'expanding' pocket on thigh of BD pants that Jim and I mentioned was, I'm pretty **** sure intended for the field dressing. After all, ORs didn't need to carry maps - we went where we we told!

A bone of contention, circa 1948/50, vague memories only, was differences in overseas kit, which in the case of Squaddies included blue Aertex type jammies, not issued to Erks??? To make up for this deficiency the latter were issued with sun glasses, a clasp knife, and of course, they got issued with SHOES..!

Did we all receive with our KD, extra underwear, heavy woollen, that I never wore..?

Or am I getting confused having consumed far too many salt tablets..?


Contrary to public opinion, STELLA was NOT made from onions.

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