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Re: Need to know

I remember the field dressing in its paper package, I know there was a pocket again memory fails where it was. I also remember well the housewife, with much sorrow.

At Caterham we were in former WW2 barracks , a form of hut, above each bed was a window. On kit inspections as I said previously the green blanket was laid out on the bed spring. Various articles of issue equipment were laid out in prescribed order on the blanket, one of these was the housewife. On one inspection the officer inspecting found something wrong with an article on my bed. He then examined the laid out articles from my housewife, the needles laid out in the form of a K for the company identification. The kit had I think about six trouser type buttons, brass buttons, one of these was examined scrupulously and found to have a spot of Bluebell polish in a hole, that was two bad marks three needed for, bad order, murder being two offences below bad order, an inspection of one of the needles proved it to not be thoroughly polished, the bells knelled, all was silent, the crowd dropped their eyes in fear, the accused saw the inevitable opening of the window over his bed, the sergeant taking a firm grip of the bottom corners of the green blanket, and with a practised flip sent all out the open window into the earth outside.

That night I spent a long time recovering in darkness the kit, and searched diligently before finding it all including the needles and buttons.

Company officers charges followed the next day for Bad Order kit, sentenced to three show parades to show polished buttons, and needles.

Re: Need to know - by Gwynn Felton - Aug 10, 2017 11:04pm
Re: Need to know - by Jim Watson - Aug 11, 2017 6:57pm
Re: Need to know - by Rod Amey - Aug 11, 2017 7:49am
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