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Re: Need to know

Hi Lads, For what it's worth and from memory, that at times is under great stress. National Service discharge document was a piece of paper folded with only the basic information on it. Army Regular Discharge book was red and had every thing in it, Time of service in every place you served, courses you attended, qualifications you obtained, promotions and demotions, medals awarded etc etc. It also had a reference from your last Commanding Officer in it.
"Dog Tags", mine were aluminiun, one round the other oval, both were worn around the neck. If you were killed the oval was attched to your marker for information when it came to headstone, or whatever. The round one was sent back for records.
Pay Books, AB64 Pt 1 and AB64 Pt 2. Pt2 was, as has already been said, was for pay. Fines were also recorded there, only in red ink. Pt1 carried all sorts of info. Height Weight, Distinguishing Marks, proficiency with weapons and other things required of an Infantryman. You had your pulheems recorded there, this was cut out on discharge, don't ask why. You did have some Will forms at the back and after those came a spot for Permanent Passes. You always had to carry your Pt1 with you unless you were in a situation where the enemy could get valuable information if you were killed or captured. I believe it was carried in your left breast pocket. If you were pulled up by the MP's that was the first thing they asked for, your Pay Book.
I think that's enough, memory has shut down, like a computer, only good for so much. Cheers, Taffy.

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Re: Need to know - by Jim Watson - Aug 11, 2017 6:57pm
Re: Need to know - by Rod Amey - Aug 11, 2017 7:49am
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