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The End of An Era..?

In the last six weeks there have been only a meager five topics posted on this Forum. These five topics have attracted just six basic responses...

I hear on the grapevine that the SVA is closing down this year. If so, surely it time now to put this Forum out of its misery and pull the plug..?


Re: The End of An Era..?

Hello Bill and others who read this Forum. It is disappointing there have been just five topics posted in the last six weeks with only six replies, but in total these postings have been read by 274 visitors, so why not more action?

When it was decided at the 2017 National AGM that, for numerous reasons, the Association should cease to exist after the 2019 Spring Reunion I did start wondering what to do with the SVA Website and this Forum. If there is no organisation named the ‘Suez Veterans Association’ it can’t be responsible for a website, or have one registered in their name, so my idea is to delete some of the pages, make a few alterations to the wording and keep it available on the Internet for, perhaps, a further few months until the payment runs out towards the end of the year.

As for what will happen to this Forum page, I think I have the answer already. It was good and useful while it lasted, so will the last person to leave, please switch off the lights and shut the door. With my best wishes to everyone, and thanks.

Richard (Dick) Woolley.
SVA Membership Secretary and Website Manager.

Re: The End of An Era..?

Hi Bill and Richard,

Mores the pity, but if nobody uses it, sorry but the writings on the cards.

With regrets


Re: The End of An Era..?

Hi Lads, As you all say it will be a shame to see the forum end. As I said in a post on another thread it is a source of up dating myself as to what is going in in UK. However, as has been said if there are no posts being put on there is not much point in keeping it going. I for one have never put a lot of posts on but have been one of the readers. We all have our use by date though so it seems it's RIP Forum and many many thanks to Richard for looking after things so well for so long.
Funnily enough up until I found the Forum I often wondered if my service there was all a dream or if I had been the only one there. I knew of no one who had been there and never heard of anything happening there.
So, goodbye to all and all the best to you for the future. Taffy (in Oz)

Re: The End of An Era..?

Not surprised I have tried twice and failed

Re: The End of An Era..?

The mind boggles Doreen !! What is it you have tried twice and failed?

Richard Woolley.

Re: The End of An Era..?

Hi Dick,sorry for unexplained post after having submitted several times and it all came to nothing I sent a last remark not expecting it go anywhere either, so typical😘 Well I plead my age and that this gadget hates me. I will try again later with proper supervision
regards Doreen

Re: The End of An Era..?

It is sad to see the Forum come to an end, but isn't that what they say about "All good things"?

While our time spent serving in the Canal Zone was many decades ago, that time spent in Egypt became an important part of inner identities.
Because of National Service we had troops serving around the world and were part of the British Empire ( good or bad). When I was in my late teens I had four close friends and we were " called up" around the same time and shipped out after a few months.
I was sent to Suez (literally beside the city of Suez), Bert was sent to Kenya, Joe to Cyrenaica, Donald to BAOR and Freddie to Bermuda ( poor sod). We all returned around the same time and picked up where we left off and actually rarely spoke of our times overseas. I learned nothing of post-war Germany, or Kenya and Freddie never told us of his hardships in Bermuda.

That's a long winded way of saying it was good to revive my memories through reading and sharing on the Forum and it helped remind me that we were privileged to have been "selected" to be part of Britain's history. I don't think I enjoyed it at the time, I spent eighteen months in a tent looking out on the Eastern Desert (it runs along the foot of the Ataqua Mountains).
But time smoothes out all the wrinkles and I have only good feelings about my time in Suez.

Quoise tamam effendies!!

Jim W.