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Malta 18th February 1956

Remembering the 44 airmen, 1 soldier and 5 civilian air crew who tragically lost their lives in the Avro York aircraft which crashed in Malta 18th February 1956, there were no survivors.

“They Shall Grow Not Old” RIP.

Re: Malta 18th February 1956

We will remember them

Re: Malta 18th February 1956

I have a sad and personal interest in this tragic crash as 18 of the victims were in the same billet as me at RAF Kasfareet. R.I.P. my mate Robbie and all the others.

Re: Malta 18th February 1956

John Dodd
Mar 1, 2018 - 2:07PM
Re: Malta 18th February 1956
Hi Richard, Rod ,Roy
Well lads I have not been on this website for a long time.It was a terrible to hear of a aircraft that was carrying Troops home from Egypt had to end up crashing it would have been an aurfull shock for the Families.
It was a very sad day when I heard of the passing of Tony. We had many a chat on the phone over some of the things that was happening on the website.
Going back in history when Richard took over the website from Jock Marrs thinks where getting very hard of who we could tattle next,in came Tony like a breath of fresh air, it did not take him very long to get stuck into the people in power. we took a lot of kicks mainly from our own Vets but we soon shook them off.
Its sad to hear that the forum will be closing down. as the say all good things come to an end.
I feel proud of working with people Like Anne. Richard. Jock. Tony.Charles, and not forgetting the man that started the campaign Capt PiP Newton. I have probly left out a few more put that down as getting old.
I have not forgotten you Rod it is 68 years ago since were in 278 party doing our training in Malvern. it only seems like yestaday.
I wish you all good health in your twilight years.
John Dodd

Re: Malta 18th February 1956

Hi John,

Yes I remember it well, the gentle strolls to Upton on Severn, so we could have a day messing about on the river, with boats and things, and a stroll back, or on the Spars field, where they showed us how to make things from scratch or a little walk up the Malvern Hill.

I wish you good health in your twilight years too.

Rod Amey,