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For anyone who remembers Georges Jurish and Grahame Martin of 109 M.U. "prop shop."

There was a minor R.A.F. reunion on the week-end of the 21st April, for which Richard Woolley and Jock Marrs and the forums must shoulder most of the blame.

Grahame Martin (109 M.U. prop-shop) managed, with "you ain't seen me - right?" connivance from Georges' wife and daughters, that he and I would walk in unannounced as our old pal sat down to a quiet Sunday restaurant lunch with his family.

Grahame flew over from France, I railed it up from Brighton, we met at Gatwick and National Expressed it to Bristol.

The get-together was a "reet good do" - Georges was speechless for once, but it was over all too quickly. Well worth doing though.


John Grant.

Re: Reunion

I may have given the wrong impression with my wry comment "...for which Richard Woolley and Jock Marrs and the forums must shoulder most of the blame."

In a clumsy way, I was saying that but for the dogged efforts of Richard, Jock, and others, that reunion would never have happened.

John Grant.

Re: Reunion

Thanks for the clarification John, I originally thought we were being blamed for something horrible, now I see that is not so. I know of other reunions of old service pals that have been held because of postings on the Forum, especially in the early days.
I’m pleased you had an enjoyable get-together.

Best wishes.
Richard Woolley.