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Re: Going..... Going..... G o i n g .....

Hi Bill,

Wasn't it Sam Goldwyn who said "reports of my death are very much exaggerated"?



a.k.a. "umbasha mafateesh" RAFWBS

Re: Going..... Going..... G o i n g .....

John, just to answer your question :
it wasn’t Sam Goldwyn . . . It was Mark Twain. But the message is just as powerful.

Did umbasha mean corporal? Shaweesh was sergeant; Imshie was “Scram!”; Kham falloose? Was “ How much?”
And then there were many others which wouldn’t get past the censor.


Re: Going..... Going..... G o i n g .....

Hi Jim,

You're right, both about the message and its source - I should've checked first, rather than rely on my decaying memory!

Sticking with last words for a tick, I do like those which Christopher Hitchens attributed to Voltaire. Asked by the priest "do you deny the devil and all his works", Voltaire is alleged to have said "this is no time to be making new enemies" - in French, of course.

Oops - nearly forget to answer your query, yes, "umbasha" was corporal, and the "mafateesh" was inspector. On the good old R.A.F. Welfare Bus Service I was lucky in my duties - accounts, admin, and occasionally helping out our 2-3 full-time inspectors in preying on our drivers and conductors.

Best regards to you Jim, and any other vet looking in.