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Going…?....No, Not Yet.

Reading the first posting in the Going..... Going..... Going…. thread I am reminded that time is creeping on and getting closer to the date when, next Spring unfortunately, the Suez Veterans’ Association will start the process of closing down. Thought I ought to submit a few words of explanation about the closure, the website and the Forum page. In his posting, Bill wonders what is to become of us and writes that all is not lost by mentioning that the Canal Zoners is going strong. That is OK, many SVA members are already members of the Canal Zoners, I am a life member of both organisations. However, there is an administration difference between the two groups. The Canal Zoners is run by Patricia, the daughter of its founder and is carrying on his good work. I don’t know how old Patricia is, but being the daughter of a Suez Veteran, she can’t be all that old and will probably outlive many of the members. On the other hand, the SVA is run by an elected committee who are all Suez Veterans and in their mid eighties with some sort of disability in various degrees of discomfort. They live in different parts of the country, Heddon on the Wall, Thornton Cleveleys, Ashbourne, Derby, Bridgnorth, Louth, and Lincoln, so the logistics of getting them all together for a committee meeting is very difficult. It wasn’t the sole decision of the committee to close the Association but the proposal was put forward to the members who attended the 2017 Annual General Meeting and was passed with all in favour.

Regarding the Association’s website and the Forum page.
The website will have to be taken off the Internet soon after the Association closes, if there is no such thing as a Suez Veterans’ Association it cannot have a website or be responsible for one. However, someone may start a similar website in the future, who knows?
The Forum page is not owned by the SVA, it is a freebie supplied by the company Bravenet Web Services in Canada. It is not, as Bill suggests, ‘kaput’. Bravenet have my name registered as the administrator for it so I can leave it on the Internet if I think it is being useful, - but with a few changes in the wording of the heading, - or until I think otherwise. It is doubtful whether there will be any more issues of the SVA Newsletters after next Spring so the Forum may be used more often for queries or the exchange of information. We will have to wait and see. It hasn’t been used much lately for postings but I see at the time of posting this message, the ‘Going..... Going.....Going….’ thread has had at least 107 visits. So, there are people out there who show some sort of interest.

Wishing Good Health and Good Luck to everyone.
Richard Woolley.
SVA Website manager and Membership Secretary.

Re: Going…?....No, Not Yet.

Hi Richard,

Very sad, sorry to see it go, I also belong to both, where as Suez Vets had only the ones who served in the Canal Zone for around 5 years the Canal Zoners has no timeline, so those still interested would be a good time to join them.

Cheers Rod