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Memory Lane

Re 'String of Memories' post, here's one I found!
I guess I'm hankering after a stroll down Memory Lane too.
So today, I'm heading for Ismailia, Rue Sultan Hussein to be precise but I need assistance from you old-timers out there to guide me along the way. Please help me fill the gaps appearing in my ageing memory bank before the rest of the memories fade away, along with most of my powers of concentration!
Imagine it is, say 1949, 1950, or the first half of 1951. We have just alighted from a 'Liberty Bus' in French Square. Pausing only to buy a bag of 'suddanni' from one of the several street vendors selling such goodies, we head for the delights of Sultan Hussein, via Rue Negrelli. As we leave the square, at the south-east corner, there is usually an Egyptian Policeman, standing on a small raised platform at the road junction controlling traffic. We bear left into Negrelli, where among the various stores and bazaars, there was a bar, I believe on the right hand side of the street. Any memories so far? Can anyone fill in the name? The 'Victory' comes to mind.
At the junction with Sultan Hussein, we turn left and head north in the direction of the railway line, and Arashia. Immediately after turning left into Sultan Hussein, there was a bespoke tailor's shop. I bought a handmade suit there, and on the 'never-never', too! Quite near the Tailor's, possibly next door, was a rather upmarket general store, selling electrical and sporting goods, cameras, etc., as well as souvenirs. Among the items on sale were Webley air-guns. As the political climate hotted up, there was a run on air-pistols…
Continuing up the street, still on the left, was a European-owned bar, where the owner and his young son would play stringed instruments, mandolins, violins, etc., and sing, usually Italian songs about 'Mamma'! Then there was an hotel and restaurant, 'King Edward', or similar name. Further along was was the 'Bee Hive', and next door, 'The Blue Kettle', of Beloved Memory!
A couple of hundred yards beyond the 'Blue Kettle', we reach the 'Rio Garden Cinema' — open-air of course.
If we retrace our steps back to the Sultan Hussein/Negrelli junction, and this time, take the other side of the street.Opposite the tailors and the 'air-pistol' store was a pavement cafe, frequented only by locals, busy playing noisy board games. Before that was a large, lively bar, where the Stella flowed freely — a favorite watering hole for off-duty Squaddies. Again, the name of the bar escapes me, but I have a faint memory of a patriotic name, such as 'Britannia' perhaps. Ideas anybody?
Higher up, past the 'Air Ministry Hirings' building, almost at the north end of Sultan Hussein, was a smaller, somewhat quieter bar — can you name it? In the same area, was another open-air cinema, the 'Hollywood' where the program alternated between Italian and Hollywood movies. This cinema was quite close to the railway line — too close at times. I have a vivid memory of the tear-jerking climax of My Foolish Heart being totally up-staged by the 9.55 pm Port Said-Ismailia-Cairo Express.
By the way, this is NOT intended to be a quiz — I really would like your help to fill in the gaps in my memory.
Fancy another walk later?

A. Bystander, CZ Vet,48-52

Re: Memory Lane

Gosh Charles - that takes me back!

It was originally posted ten or twelve years ago, at least. In the John Mitch era maybe..? Amazing what pops up when one knows where to look....