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Hello Richard,Gwynn and my old mate Rod.
Its a long time since I visited a Suez Canal website, but its nice to see that some of my friends are still flying the flag.
Rod it will close to 69 year since we did our training at Mallvern you are the oldest soldier that I have served with, we are all getting old mate, it may be a long time but I still remember it well. Gwynn have you been down to Adelaide lately it was sad to hear that Brien had passed away, I didn't know until i met Big Joe in the supper market he told me that he has been at his funeral.
Richard You and Jock Marrs are the oldest friends that I have had on a Suez canal website.
I still remember all the fights we had against the powers that be, it was hard but it paid off in the long run. Can you tell me how Jock is getting on. he used to phone every year and send a lot of goodies at Xmass time but I have not heard from him for about 2 years, if I can still find his phone number I will give him a buss.I dont know if I told any of you that Julie has been in a nursing Home for just over two years, I spend 8 to 9 hrs with her every day the Home is about Five minutes walk from home.
Well lads it was nice to have a chat with you all, I wish you and your families a Happy Christmas and a save New Year.
J Dodd

Re: Friends

Hi John,

Yes my 90th next March, and I still remember Merebrook Camp and those hills, tried to send you a photo of the gates, but your email address no longer appears, sorry to hear about Julie and wish her well, and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all Suez Vets, wherever they ma be.

Cheers Rod

Re: Friends

John, Good to hear from you again. Still have fond memories of the lunch we had at the Seaford Hotel. It was sad to hear about Brian. When we saw you in the foyer of the hotel I thought you were Brian seeing as how tall you are and Brian being a Guardsman. Sorry to hear about Julie, she was such a lively lady when we met at Seaford. Mind you that was so many years ago. How time flies. All the best for Xmas and 2019. Cheers, Gwynn.