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A Comrade Passes

Regret to announce the passing of Rod Amey RE, today 22nd Feb. Rod has been a good friend always there if information needed, met him only twice at the Nat Mem before health problems prevented driving. His cheerful disposition belied the stoic way he coped, he will be remembered for his pride in being a Sapper many of his mails and pic’s confirmed this. I’ve passed condolences to Rod’s family.

Re: A Comrade Passes

RIP Rod...

Farewell to a loyal supporter of this Forum.


Re: A Comrade Passes

Really sad news. I have been in constant contact with Rod for a long time. Never knew there was anything seriously wrong with him. He was obviously older than our mob but I never thought of him that way.

RIP Rod, You will be missed by many. Gwynn (Taffy)

Re: A Comrade Passes

Rest well old soldier, you have done your duty.

Re: A Comrade Passes

Funeral for Rod Amey RE will take place Thursday 28th March 14-40hrs at The Woodlands Crem, Scunthorpe.
Details of the Wake will be announced when known.

Re: A Comrade Passes

I'm sorry to hear the news about Rod. My condolences to his family and friends
It is always a sad task for me to remove a members name from the SVA membership List
for this reason.
Richard Woolley
SVA Membership Secretary:

Re: A Comrade Passes

Final Details of Rod Amey Funeral:

Thursday 28th March 14-40 hrs
At The Woodlands Crem, Scunthorpe.
Wake to follow at The Blues Club, Gainsborough Lincs.

Re: A Comrade Passes

Its very sad to hear the passing of Rod we go back a long time, we served together in the same party (278) in Malvern April 1950, we both went over to Egypt about the same time when our Squadren went to Cyprus his unit moved into the camp that we moved from he will be missed by many Veterans and friends Rest in peace Rod.
My condolences to his family.