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Re: Seasons Greetings

Hi Richard seasons greetings to You, Liz and Family. it seems a very long time that I had a chat with you, and I have forgot how long it been since we first met, I am glad to see that you are trying to get another website going. I have been into your present website sunsandcanal I find it very interesting, lets hope you can get something going.
Its a treat to see Ann and John Grant on the website, season greetings to both of you and your Family's.
Richard I don't know if I told you when I last spoke to you that I am sad to say that Julie passed away on Easter Sunday this year, we where married for 62 years, I miss her so much.
Richard I will keep in touch with you and lets hope you can get this other website going.
One of your old mates

Re: Seasons Greetings

I thank both of you for your words of encouragement, but I do sometimes wonder if it is all worth it to run the forum page and pay for the new website. They will be available for at least another eleven months and then I think that will be it, then say my goodbyes. Unless things change greatly.

Anyway, my best wishes to you for a good 2020.


Re: Seasons Greetings

For me,Tonight will be a bittersweet occasion. Amongst all the messages of goodwill from friends and family my thoughts will also include those who...although we'll never meet...have become my friend's after meeting on the Suez Vets websites. Alan Webb, Jim Beedles, and Arthur Ledger have sadly passed on. The best news I could receive would be to hear once more fom Gwynne Felton, Norman Brody, and Jack Wheeler. Who's wellbeing I have been unable to establish to date. My best wishes go to all who, at one time or another, have given me the pleasure of their company. Thanks for the memories.

Re: Seasons Greetings

I would like to wish Liz & Richard, together with everyone who served in the Suez Canal Zone at any time,

From Taff Usher (ex Cpl 203 Provost Company RMP Ismailia & Fayid 1953-55)
(Retired Police Constable Metropolitan Police 1955-86)

Re: Seasons Greetings

Oh deepjoy! I've only just discovered this forum, that's the story of my life - late on parade again! Looking forward to being in touch again. Congratulations to Richard for all he's doing.

John G.