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Re: first aid

Greetings to Bob and all our other readers.
The Forum may not be all that well, but it has still got a pulse as this thread shows.
All it needs is some people to help resuscitate it.
Best wishes to everyone.

Re: first aid

Richard writes: "All it needs is some people to help resuscitate it."

I'm doing my best...


Re: first aid

Yeah, thanks Bill.

Good luck,

Re: first aid

It does seem that the site is dying. Maybe it is because some of us are no longer around or that some are now unable to use a computer. I myself have back problems which limits the time I can sit at the computer. Some times with a long post I have to do it in installments. However I still regularly get on to the site to see what's going on. It will be a great pity when it stops altogether.
There is still one other person here in Newcastle who was in the Canal Zone at the same as myself, but we do not meet up as much as we used to. He is now spending a lot of time in hospital. I don't think it will be long before I am singing that song, "I'm just a lonely boy." Cheers to all and stay in good health. Gwynn Felton